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Creating a

greener planet thru sustainable seaweed farming

We develop alternatives to seafood that are plant-based, delicious, nourishing and sustainable.

A carbon neutral


All the benefits of

fish without the fish.

Your snacking just got better!

Plant Based

Seaweed based and packed with naturally occurring antioxidants and vital nutrients.

Rich in Protein

23 g of protein compared to the 17g of our competitors.

Flakes Like Fish

Taste that delectable flakey cod texture without the guilt.

Cruelty Free

Our farms sequester carbon and aid in the biodiversity of the ocean.

We believe that delicious food
comes with a clean conscience.

Sea & Believe mimics the entire ocean’s food chain by infusing its own proprietary plant-based protein with authentic flavors and nutrients derived from seaweed grown and harvested on the shores of Ireland. Our solution is adopting and adapting nature’s principles to create sustainable seaweed aquaculture systems.  Drawing inspiration from fish, wild seaweed and land plants has helped us develop new technologies to produce cleaner, more sustainable food solutions. 

The Irish Seaweed "Burger"

Our packaging is fully compostable and dissolves in the ocean within 12-14 weeks. Our aim was to create a plant-based product as sustainable and ethical as possible. The health benefits are sometimes too long to list, super nutritious, high in iodine, iron, vitamin C antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fibre, vitamin K, vitamin B-12 and a range of other nutrients important for human health and is an excellent protein alternative with a huge level of Protein 29.9g

Ideal in

•Brioche Buns

• Lettuce Wraps

Ideal in

•a basket of fries with tartar sauce

•some fresh buns

Our plant based Cod, made from nutrient-rich  combination of proprietary novel proteins and technology and Seaweed. To achieve a similar nutritional profile , is meticulously crafted to provide the same delicious flaky texture as real fish, without any of the harm to our oceans or animal welfare.

Plant-Based "Cod" Fillets

Plant Based "Fish" Goujons

Our Vegan Fish Goujons made from wild Atlantic seaweed! They have been carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance of taste and texture, with a flaky and crunchy exterior and a tender and succulent center.

Our Products

Reimagine Fishing

Better fish for a better planet.

We are on a mission to create a more humane and sustainable food system without compromising on taste and quality.

Sequester Carbon

Seaweed absorbs carbon dioxide from the water during photosynthesis, effectively reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

Providing Habitat for Fish

Seaweed farming creates a thriving ecosystem for marine life as it provides habitat, shelter, and food for various fish and invertebrate species.

Mitigate Ocean Acidification

Seaweed aquaculture can create a healthy pH balance in the ocean and reduce the negative impacts of acidification on marine life.

Providing Jobs to Local Fisherman

We are creating jobs retraining fishermen in Ireland to become seaweed farmers, to help keep rural communities thriving whilst provide hundred of jobs to locals.

What Our Fans Say

“The taste is rich and the texture is perfect.”

Jamie Lee

“Amazing flakiness and no guilt!”

Ricardo Benson

"The best fish alternative in the market."

Devonte Garcia

Cooking with Sea and Believe Product

Craving 'fish' sticks or a seaweed burger? Let's get cooking!

In Plants We Trust

Our innovative technology leverages the secret power of seaweed and sea moss to produce fish protein alternative without the downside of overfishing and environmental toxins. 

Our Partners

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